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Another's Words

"As a person with hearing loss, I often find lectures, plays and PA system announcements indecipherable. But who else notices? Unlike someone visibly left outside because of wheelchair inaccessibility - which would leave others appalled - inaccessibility due to hearing loss is invisible and thus often unremedied." 
David Myers, Author and a Professor of Psychology at Hope College


"Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people"
Helen Keller


"The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place"
George Bernard Shaw

GET LOOPED!  Enjoy TV, worship services, presentations and theater again .......

Get in the Hearing Loop Now!

Improve accessibility and communication for the hard of hearing by installing a loop system in your venue - with up to 50 million hard of hearing Americans, your customers may not hear or understand you!

Hearing Loops comply with ADA requirements for accessibilty - loops are not just about disability rights, but customer service! 
Don't Let your Customers leave without Understanding what you said!

If you are considering a loop system, make sure your installer is experienced and trained for loop installations AND that they have the equipment to test the final installation and can provide a certificate of conformity to the IEC Standard 60118-4:2006. 


"Let the buyer beware - the increasing popularity of hearing loops has attracted a number of “carpetbaggers” who will “come in and throw a piece of wire on the ground and stick a magnet into it and call it a hearing loop.” - James Stowell, American Hearing Loop, Greenville, SC

Induction Loop Systems are custom designed and installed for...

  • Churches                        Auditorium
  • Auditoriums/Performing Arts Venues
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Hotel meeting and conference rooms
  • Concert Halls
  • Senior Centers
  • Mortuaries
  • Community Centers
  • Classrooms (systems available with low-spill for adjacent classrooms or meeting rooms)

...and transient locations can be Looped such as:                                                                       

  • Bank or Casino Windows             SupaT
  • Pharmacy Windows                                                                                          
  • Post Offices
  • Hotel Reception Desks                                             SupaT Window
  • Airport /Train/Bus Ticketing & Check-in Counters
  • Information Desks or Booths
  • Tour Buses
  • Taxis                                         Bus

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  • How Induction Loops Work
  • How a Loop is Installed
  • What a Loop System Costs
  • The Advantages of a Loop System
  • How to Successfully go “Live” With Your Loop

Join the “Let’s Loop America“ initiative.

Many states now have loop initiatives. Ask us about Loop Colorado

Considering a loop system for your venue?   Assist 2 Hear, LLC offers professional installation of hearing loops in all venues, large and small.  We offer support before and after the installation to make sure the loop conforms with IEC standards and help educate users to get the most out of the system.

We work with Contacta, Univox, Ampetronic, Williams Sound and Oval Window Audio loop equipment which allows us to choose the appropriate system for the job.

Contact us at

Laura Hansen will be happy to discuss loop installations

In Colorado: 720-210-9653 or Toll Free: 877-338-1084