The Many Uses of Hearing Loops – Not What You Think!

For those that have heard the accolades about hearing loops in churches, auditoriums, theaters, airports and sports arenas, few know the many other uses for hearing loops.  The possibilities are endless!

Very important transient uses for hearing loops include pharmacy windows, bank teller windows or drive-ups and information desks.  Where do people really need to hear clearly?  Prescription information can be a matter of life and death if not understood.  Loops eliminate having the pharmacist raise his or her voice to try and communicate, so privacy is maintained along with better understanding of the prescription details.  At bank windows, certainly privacy is an issue which the loop can help maintain.  Every bank or financial institution should have at least one window that has a loop for hearing access along with a handicapped window. It is not only about disability rights for ADA, but just good business and great customer service!

 Information desks, cash windows and reception desks can also be looped with a simple loop to help the hard of hearing understand directions and important information. The NY Subway information kiosks are being looped. For all of the above uses, a small loop can be easily installed on a wall or desk and the pharmacist, teller or receptionist has a microphone to speak in to.  As always in loop settings, the user must turn on their t-coil in their hearing aids to hear the speaker loud and clear.

How about taxis and tour buses?  New York City has been looping their taxis.  Tour buses are being looped in Michigan.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to actually understand what the tour guide is saying and enjoy the tour?

With a substantial number of hearing impaired children, loops can improve their learning ability without having to wear obvious paraphernalia.  The Children’s Museum of Manhattan just recently installed loops in their new exhibit, Eat, Sleep and Play.

Portable personal loops are perfect for ambulances, doctors, hospitals and professionals.  The portable loop can be carried from location to location to better communicate with the hard of hearing patient or client.  Professionals who are hard of hearing can also use these portable loops for their own satisfaction.  The clipboard loop is perfect for use in the office, clinic or out on the job such as a construction worker.  Feedback from the clipboard loop users is that it becomes their new best friend!

So loops can serve the hard of hearing literally anywhere without any external streamers, headsets or accessories – just the underrated T-COIL.  This inexpensive part of a hearing aid can increase satisfaction of hearing aids many fold. 

Do you have suggestions for hearing loop installations?  Contact Assist 2 Hear for information about hearing loops and how to advocate for hearing access in your community.

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